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Seeds are new to Minecraft as of update Beta 1.3

When you create a new world you have the option of being able to put something in the "seed" box under the name of your new world.

Here are some of the things I have tried/ used.


Temple -Gives you a ton and a half of trees, with some small tree covered hills, lakes (oceans) and some larger mountains as you venture inland.

Freya - really flat land with small hills with patches of snow.

Goddess - spawn point is a sand island in the middle of ocean need land with grass and trees far off with large mountains hiden in trees  (watch out for random deep cave openings in the ground).

Raven - spawn on beach, near dence forest with mushrooms.

Isis - spawn in large desert area with lot of cactus (go figure) some small grassy hills with above ground lava pit, very few trees.

Odin - spawn on beach, small rolling hills with trees, lots of small ponds around in between hills, almost an island type bio.

Simplicity - spawn facing snow and ice on a large beach area, behind you is trees, deep valleys run in between the hills so watch out.

Exclusive! -

Finally Beta! -…

Made by Notch! -…

----Texture Packs----

These are the ones I have found that work with Beta 1.3 and look good. Some of these need the patchier, the texture packs that require it will tell you in the post.  

Zelda -…

Wildcraft -…

Jolicraft -… (having texture pack building contest till March 11)

Lomakraft -…

Gerudoku -…

JohnSmith Texture Pack -…

Emperor's Texture Pack -…

Albion (64x64) -…

Misa's (64x64) -…

Bordercraft -…


Wild Grass -…

Fancypack -… (chairs, colored glass and other)

Mo' Creatures -… (bunnys, horses, and more)

Planes -…


Minecraft Copyright Information -…
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Submitted on
March 21, 2011